Missourians can experience the out-of-this world quality of Galactic’s full-spectrum products, expertly crafted using our otherworldly recipes and space-age technology that make each of our cannabis extracts star-worthy. Our carts and concentrates are lab certified and 100% cannabis derived, made with proprietary techniques to preserve all cannabinoids and terpenes! Whether you want to blow off some steam after work or stay in and chill with friends, Galactic has the medical cannabis products you’ve been seeking. Find us at your nearest High Profile Cannabis Shop, local dispensary, or nearest starport.


If your medical needs call for intense remedies to take you out of this world, our cannabis concentrates are a potent option. Expertly extracted from the highest quality biomass, we offer a fleet of options from badders, budders, and terp sugars full of expressive terpenes; and diamonds dense enough to create their own singularity. Find our 1g offerings at your nearest starport or dispensary.

Galactic Meds Concentrates


is more of an isolate where we've removed most of the other cannabinoids and terpenes (sauce) giving a super potent product with low terpene content. It's consistency is powdery or small crystals that sparkle in the light.


has bigger granular THCa crystals resulting in higher potency than the Badders and Budders, but less terpenes. It's consistency is similar to wet sand.


has minimal THCa granules and a lowerpotency, but the highest terpene contentresulting in incredible flavor. It's consistencyis smooth like budder.


has small granular THCa crystals with ahigh terp content, providing a nice balanceof flavor and potency. It's consistency ismuch like cake badder.


is like a dryer version of budder but tends tobe similar in potency and terpenes. It has a harder, crumbly consistency.

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Galactic Meds Vape Carts


Experience the balance between the rich, flavorful, full-spectrum profile of a dab with the portable convenience of a cartridge.

A cartridge unlike others on the market, Galactic Meda dab carts are made from curated strain blends of Missouri premium genetics. and combine the taste and experience of flower with the convenience and potency of a cartridge. Through an arduous R&D process across several light years, our dab cart’s proprietary formulation process captures the full cannabinoid, terpene, and flavonoid profile more than other options available, offering power without sacrificing flavor -- rip after rip.

Compatible with standard 510-thread C-Cell batteries. Available in 0.5g sizes.

For our wholesale menus please visit Leaflink and Apex.